Playing Tips

If you want to take the plunge and move from playing free pokies to real money games then there are a number of steps you need to follow to maximise your game play and enjoy the benefits.  Whilst the payouts are higher at online casinos, gambling carries the risk of loosing and sticking to a budget and mixing your bet size is key to walking away happy.


Tips when playing Pokies


1. There are many online casinos that accept players from various jurisdictions.  However when playing with your hard earned money it is best to check out this page and select a sign-up bonus that suits your requirements.  These can range from free spins on sign-up to % match deposits on first couple of deposits with the casino.  This will instantly give you some free credits to play with and enjoy the range of pokies online real money.  You can try out the hundreds of slots available online and decide which ones you like playing and those that provide the best winning opportunities.  It is also recommended to play the free games available in the lobby of the casino first to understand the rules and bonus features.  Here are a few of the most popular games to try..



2. Mixing betting range can provide good results when playing with real money.  This is because it is so easy to change the machine you are playing on from a 1 cent machine to a 5 cent machines at the click of a button without having to move.  Online gaming provides a convenient platform to mix up your playing style and bet $4 per spin down to 50 cents per spin with great ease and control.  Too often players are locked into playing one particular real money pokies game just because there are no other games available and the establishment is busy.  This is dangerous because it locks you in to one game and you don’t have the flexibility to amend you bet sizes.


3. Selecting a deposit method can sometimes be hard when playing real money pokies.  Most online casinos accept a myriad of banking methods from credit card to popular internet wallets including Neteller.  In most cases no fees are charged for depositing at a casino so the choice is totally geared towards what banking method suits you.  Even better when playing online you do not run the risk of carrying a large amount of physical cash on you at any one time, making play safer.


4. Play real money pokies that are linked to a progressive jackpot.  We have been told the chances of hitting a jackpot online are 2x better than you would usually encounter.  This is because the turnover and range of jackpots is so much larger than online.  For example one of the hugely popular progressive jackpot Mega Moolah has currently reached $5,500,000 and is just waiting to go off at any time.


5. Keep in mind that is is easy to loose when undertaking any form of gambling activity and you MUST stick to a set budget.  Playing real money pokies should only be used as an entertainment source, not a money making exercise.


How often have you sat down on a pokie machine with a $50 bankroll, only to find 10 minutes later you are left with nothing feeling the urge to go to the ATM draw out more money and keep playing?  This is dangerous playing behaviour because you might loose control of how much money is being shoveled into the pokies.


There are a couple of important strategies to use to maximize your online pokies play time, I will discuss these and hopefully it will help you get more entertainment for your money and increase your wins!


– Always set a firm budget and try to stick to it.  How much money can you afford to loose and what return do you want to try to play to achieve.  By setting some clear boundaries at the beginning you will know how much you are comfortable to loose and how much you would be happy with winning.  Too often pokies players get very greedy and if they win $200 keep playing and run the risk of loosing the lot and more!  It is also important to pick the right slot machine to play on and try free pokies first.  If you have a budget of $20 it is not a good idea to play on the $1.00 machine, why not try the 1 cent machine, then you will get a lot more time even if you bet at maximum lines.


– Mathematically calculate how many spins you want to play.  For example say you want to at least get 100 spins you have to play within you budget (assuming you don’t win big).  Lets say you start with $100 bankroll and want to achieve 100 spins, you can choose the 5 cent machine and play 20 lines to achieve at least 100 spins.


– Be patient and stick to your original playing plan.  Too often the enticement is to keep betting more and more credits in order to win back losses.  This is not good game play because you are getting too desperate for a win and will most likely only end up loosing more money.  The best thing to do here is play within your budget as already explained or walk away.