Benefits of Playing Online

Benefits of Playing Online


Lets face it there are so many online casinos around these days that it is very hard to determine which ones are the best to play at.  Here at we have tried and tested all there is to offer and have been playing pokies online for a very long time.  We know what makes fantastic  online casinos and the things to look out for.  Each casino we recommend is tried and tested in that they are regulated, offer high payouts, secure deposit and withdrawals along with honest customer service and bonuses.


There are some positives and negatives when playing online slots, here we spell out in easy to follow dot points what these are.  You can then use these as a guide when determining which casinos are the right ones for you to play at.



Positives when playing at Online Casinos


  • Convenience of playing pokies on your home computer, mobile (android, iPhone, Blackberry) or iPad.  Playing online pokies does not always involve depositing real cash.  Often online casinos will offer free credits or even allow you to download the software for free and you can play with free credits.
  • Never have to wait to get on your slot machine of choice.  Pokie venues are often very busy and it is annoying when you can’t play on your favorite pokies machine.  When playing online you don’t have to worry about this, a huge range of online pokies are available to download and play. Most if the games online include free spins, multiple playlines, bonuses and progressive jackpots.
  • Huge range of slots on offer including all the interactive bonuses, features and free spins you would be familiar with when playing at traditional casinos.
  • Personal 24/7 customer service in the form of live chat, email or telephone.  Your questions will be answered quickly.
  • Payouts at your local casinos are probably a lot lower than what you may think, often as low as 50%.  This means for every dollar you put in, the casino will always take half.  Average payout in excess of 96% playing at online casinos, far greater than other casinos found in Las Vegas.
  • Online casinos are audited just like any other casino and need to obey by strict code of conduct, you can often have a look at the latest payout rates on a report from their website.
  • Betting sizes can be easily configured to your playing style.  Online pokies can be easily changed at the click of a button from a 1cent machine to a 50cent machine, without having to move to another pokie.
  • You can deposit with credit card, internet wallets or direct deposit.  Deposits are instantly playable and there are no limits.
  • You get free money to play with when you sign up a new account.  There are a number of rewarding bonus packages that casinos offer to every new player.
  • Loyalty point systems are available where points are collected the more you play.  These loyalty points can easily be redeemed to credits or other prizes.
  • Slots online allow you to play in automated mode, which means you can set-up a pokie machine to wager and play based on a number of spins in a row.  This means you don’t have to keep sitting there pressing a button to play, saving you time.
  • You don’t need to necessarily play real money games at online casinos because you can play free pokies for fun.
  • Pokies Jackpots are huge when playing online.  This is because the pool of money and turnover is far greater online due to the thousands that are playing at any one time.

Negatives when playing at Online Casinos


  • Unlike in Las Vegas or other popular land based casinos, you cannot get free food or beverages.
  • Need access to the internet on your home computer or mobile phone in order to play.
  • You do not have the thrill of other people looking over your shoulder during a big win.
  • Playing pokies online could be seen as unsocial, whereby you are not interactive with other players during game play.
  • Terms and Conditions when playing online could not be written in your favor, especially when collecting bonuses (these have certain play through requirements).
  • Need access to a credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) or web wallet (Neteller or Moneybookers) in order to play.
  • There are a number of unreliable online casinos who may not honor big wins or pay out efficiently.
  • At certain online casinos you need to provide identification documents in order to withdraw funds.


Now you have weighed up the positives and negatives of playing pokies at online casinos we provide an exclusive list of the cream of the crop in online gaming.  These casinos certainly tick all the boxes and have developed excellent reputations for providing the very best games and playing experience, along with high payouts and attractive bonuses.