Myths & Legends

Pokies Payout

If you enjoy having a flutter on pokies online and traditional slot machines then no doubt you will hear a lot of opinions on how to win, picking the best machine, tricks to make pokies payout along with some strange lucky ways to achieve a payout.  Gambling has always been susceptible to myths and legends as they are one of the most popular gambling entertainment devices available and the inability of the average person to understand how these games work.


Pokie Myths

There are so many pokie myths out there including the following..

– Swiping fingers over the screen and touching the machine as the reels spin in a special way.

– Playing the pokie machine just after the hopper has been refilled with dollar coins.

– Get on a machine that has not paid out for a long time or the previous player has spent excessive amounts on it.

– Pumping the coin with too may coins and filling up the hopper so that the machine pays out to dispense the accumulated coins.

– Wearing lucky charms increase winning chances.


Most of these are in fact myths, however you may find that some of these methods might work for you and give you a lucky feeling.

One must never forget that pokies are a game of chance and that all winnings are totally random.  Of course the best way to win when you play pokies online is to win the free spins, the chance of hitting scatter symbols is totally random and the slots do not automatically pay out free spins after a certain amount of spins.


There are a lot of ebooks, guides and books claiming to know the secrets of how to win on the pokies.  Use these with caution, or just totally ignore them because pokies are a game of chance and they should only be played as an entertainment device and not as a method to earn money over a long period of time.  The odds remain against players however when you play online payouts are often much higher than traditional games.


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