How Pokies Payout?

How Pokies Payout?

Often the question is posed how do pokie machines payout and is there a pattern, payout cycle or do machines purely operate randomly? One of the first things we can report is that payouts are different at land based casinos vs online casinos.  The payouts without question when you play pokies online are much higher than at you local pub, club or casino.


Land Based Casinos

Pokies machines do tend to go through payout cycles, however the over riding payout % is usually set by the operator.  Usually around 90 – 95% which means that for each credit gambled, the casino will always take 5-10%.  Which means over the long run the casino is always a winner, however machines do go through cycles of taking and then will payout all at once.  The key is to know when to play a machine at the key time it is going to payout.  So here are some tips, if you see a high roller shovelling money into the pokies and not winning anything substantial, then get on that machine after they have finished.  It could be your lucky day if the machine decides to payout the 90% of what the last person lost.  There are also expert graphs which show spikes in payout cycles which supports this theory.  The slot machines do not want to just give dribbles out over time, they still want to excite players with big wins, therefore the machines will always be designed to payout large amounts at once through free spins and bonuses.


The method of actually claiming your money when playing slots around the world is to press the collect button and depending on the establishment you are playing at you will be printed a voucher or the pokie will spit out dollar coins for you to exchange for cash notes at the cashier section of the casino.  We have heard reports of big jackpots going off and a staff member will come to present a big cheque directly to you.


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How Pokies Payout?

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Online Casinos

When you play pokies online the same premise applies to playing at land based establishments, the only difference is usually the payout rates are higher, meaning that for every dollar wagered, the casino will payout a higher percentage rate.  The casino will still always walk away the winner long term, but short term if you get on to a winning pokie online then you will be certain of a higher payout.  You can also try free pokies when you play online to get a feel for each game and decide which one you might want to have a go on with real money.


There are no Australian based online casinos as the government prevents Australian operators.  However there are a huge number of internationally recognised , online casinos that offer players from jurisdictions where real money play is legal the ability to play pokies online including many parts of Europe, parts of Asia and Oceania.  Banking options for deposits and withdrawals range from credit card, Bitcoin, direct deposit to popular e-wallets such as Neteller.



The issue of whether pokie machines go through a payout cycle is debatable.  We believe that there are clear periods in which a pokies machine will provide a huge payout through either free spins or big combination wins, after this the machine will then go into collect mode in which it does not payout.  As the overall payout rate on land based slots are about 85-90% then the casino or pub is a clear winner in most cases.  However it is timing as to whether you will win at the pokies and at what stage of the cycle the slot machine is at.  If someone before you has blown $2,000 on a machine, then there are much better chances if you hop on for a spin that you will get a payout.  On the flip side if someone has just collected on the pokies then you play afterwards, then you might be feeding it for the next payout. A good reason you should play pokies online is that the payouts are much higher and you don’t have a frustration of watching the person next to you win or loose.


The key is to be astute when playing pokies and if you are on a machine that is triggering a lot of free spins or good paying combinations, then stay on and keep playing because you are probably riding the payout wave of the machine.  I did a stupid thing the other night, I was playing on a $1.00 machine and it paid out $85.00 after a couple of spins so I thought that was good and went and moved to the next machine.  Well was that a silly mistake!  A little old lady came and sat at my original slot machine and hit free spin after free spin and also hit the mini jackpot, all up collecting $1,500.  Silly me I should have learned that that machine was going through a payout phase!!


There is one thing I have learned and that is online casinos have much higher payout rates and this means that machines will pay out more if you are on a lucky streak.  Not only do they offer higher payouts but online pokies also have great sign up bonuses!


So I hope the King has explained how pokie machines payout and the benefits of playing online, good luck!